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PFI was established in 1956 to serve the needs of the footwear industry. The Group has developed into a worldwide recognised authority in the TIC industry nowadays. Meanwhile, our global activities have extended far beyond the footwear industry. With roots in Germany that span over a half-century, we uphold the commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards, with an aim to make products better, safer, and more efficient since its founding. Today, PFI drives innovation and technological improvement in manufacturing with over a hundred experts with various expertise, ranging from chemistry, physics, technology, biotechnology, microbiology to sustainability.

Apart from that, we spare no effort in striving to promote sustainable and ethical production across global fashion supply chains. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the industry and build up a responsible and sustainable ecosystem through our endeavours with relevant stakeholders, so as to create a better future for our society.

Amid the new normal, our whole team will continue to support the fashion industry with our services, know-how, core competencies, and pioneering spirit to walk into the future with focuses on areas such as digitalisation and sustainability.

Chairman of PFI Group
Michael Tackenberg

Functional shoes refer to shoes that not only fulfill basic daily wearing functions but also possess specific functionalities.
If the production process of EVA is not strictly controlled, it can often result in the presence of harmful substances in the products.
General Manager of Quanzhou Laboratory
Dr. Tommy Ou manages the operations of the laboratory in Quanzhou. He supervises and optimizes the supply chain with the use of existing technologies to meet relevant compliance, facilitating exports to European and American markets.
Managing Director
Candice has led PFI Hong Kong operations for 14 years as the key intermediary between PFI Germany and Asia. Responsible for the development of the company in the Asia market, Candice manages high-profile clients spanning both Europe and Asia

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