Dr. Frank Wen

Technical Director
Dr. Wen has extensive experience in testing and technical fields. With his professional knowledge, he currently manages the technical domain of the Chemical and Physical Department.

Dr. Frank Wen holds a Doctor in Marine Chemistry from Xiamen University. He has 14 years of solid work experience in the testing of footwear, textile, environment, and other fields. Currently as the Technical Director of Chemical and Physical Department, he is mainly responsible for managing PFI’s chemical and physical testing team and its system operations in Quanzhou to provide technical support for testing services.

Prior joining PFI, Dr. Wen worked at the US corporation, Agilent as an engineer to give professional advice for customer service. He possesses In-depth knowledge and practical experience with the hardware and software of chemical analysis.

Dr. Wen is committed to constructing a proficient technical team, developing, and optimizing testing methods and internal workflow, which maintain the leading position of PFI in technical aspects whilst satisfy the everchanging market and client demands.

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