PFI, Your Boutique Lab proudly from Germany

Widely recognized for our 60-year professional experience in the textile and footwear industry, we also pride itself on its best-in-class service that has been critically acclaimed by our clients for years. Our dedicated team, from frontline colleague to technical expert, is all behind this one-of-a-kind service philosophy: bring the boutique-style concept into what they deliver to clients in their daily work lives. Their roles could be different, but all share the same overriding goal, which is to truly give clients more peace of mind in our best capacity. Let’s see what our team has to say.

Frank Liesenhoff

Director, Business Development

“I always stay focused and open-minded as we have to help clients unravel the issues and take quick actions”

“Having been with PFI for 15 years, I find every day in this friendly and familiar environment still a pleasant challenge, which galvanizes me into giving more than just 100% and walking the extra mile. I never get bored.”

“Some time ago one of my clients had their goods produced in China and arrived in Germany but stopped by the German authority due to pungent and bad smell. It was a certain type of banned substance based on air testing. Our client got blamed by his own client for not having had the products toxoided, but after our involvement it turned out that the smell wasn’t from the shoes themselves but from the liquid used in cleaning the container. The issue was consequently settled after cleaning the container again. The shipment was released with no harm or damage. I would attribute this to our core strengths in efficiency and quick action, direct communication and hands-on experience.”

Iris Ruan

Customer Service

“I rigorously participate in various trainings to continuously enhance my professional knowledge in a bid to better serve my clients.”

“If a product claims to feature waterproofness, there may be a risk of legal fallout if the actual product fails to meet the requirements. We helped a client case in which the factory had implemented anti-siphoning measures but still did not meet the standards, We identified that it was due to the occurrence of siphoning in other circumstances and helped the client rectify the issue, so their product became marketable. Without our professional analysis and expertise, the client and the factory might have continued with standard approaches or even material replacements, which could have resulted in significant waste of resources without necessarily resolving the issue, potentially impacting delivery.”

“We aim to exceed client expectations with our professional expertise and knowledge, delivering trust and satisfaction.”

Terry Shi

Technical Service

“I am keen and competent at using technical analysis with my attention to details to help client avert risks and significantly save their resources.”

“In bundle testing, there may be frequent cases in which we need to carefully differentiate the materials based on various factors such as placement, style, presence of printing or coatings. This will ensure more reliable results for clients.”

“Discrepancy in results might occur when raw material and the product are being tested, which could be due to problems with contamination during production, batch, or adhesive. We are always tasked with uncovering the underlying causes and providing practical solutions to clients.”

Daisy Xu

Quality Management

“I still have to thoroughly understand the requirements of my client, make sense of them and communicate in a personalized manner, even though the client may have given a nod to everything”

“Cross-checking all information is crucial and it is necessary to provide feedback when discrepancy arises, especially when misunderstanding is the biggest trap in long threads of communications and it could lead to a wrong turn of events.”

“Nothing beats personalised and spot-on communications with clients, if we need to have a fundamental grasp of client requirements. We will have to keep all floating information in check to ensure client requirements are properly upheld or it may risk unfathomable loss in time and effort.”