Factory Improvement

We offer factory improvement and certification services for sustainable companies. We believe in continuous improvement and support our clients with training, consultancy expertise, and follow-up on improvements. We go beyond compliance audits to help you achieve excellence in your factory and supply chain performance.

Our factory certification system is a holistic approach that assesses factories’ performance, identifies risks and improvement measures, trains relevant staff, and monitors the results. Our highly knowledgeable experts assist you step by step to achieve a higher performance, supporting the elimination of hazardous chemicals and welfare of workers, and enabling continuous and long-term improvement of your supply chain.

Our “Green Factory” certification is awarded to the best-performing factories to showcase their achievements. Our certifications attest to your commitment to excellence and high-quality, social, and environmental standards. They indicate that you acknowledge your due diligence as a manufacturer, trader, or retailer and that you are committed to sustainability.