About PFI

Your leading experts in quality control of the footwear and textile manufacturing.

Leading experts in auditing, training, testing, quality inspection and certification in the footwear and textile industry

Our mission
to enhance the quality of your products and the performance of your supply chain.

We are where you need us. As an independent third party, we overcome our clients’ challenges in global sourcing.

With locations in Hong Kong, Dongguang and Quanzhou, we are at the source of production and can provide flexible, fast and reliable services to fulfill your needs.

Mainly focusing on footwear, textiles, bags, eyewear and watches, we are on a mission to help customers ensure highest quality standards according to international laws and regulations.

We go beyond quality inspections and production monitoring

We ensure the quality standards for the health and safety of your products

Our goal is to make your products better and safer, and your supply chains more efficient and risk averse.

We support you in optimisation of your products and processes, whether in development, production, or in quality assurance.

Our values

PFI Group

Founded in 1956, the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI) is a worldwide recognized expert in footwear. With over 60 years of expertise, the institute enjoys a profound wealth of knowledge of the manufacturing methods, components, and materials used in that sector.

PFI is represented with offices in Germany, Hong Kong, and China. We operate two accredited laboratories for physical and chemical analysis for testing materials and products according to international standards.