Candice Wang

Managing Director
Candice has led PFI Hong Kong operations for 14 years as the key intermediary between PFI Germany and Asia. Responsible for the development of the company in the Asia market, Candice manages high-profile clients spanning both Europe and Asia

With more than 17 years of experience in the footwear and service industry, Candice is the Managing Director of PFI Fareast, formerly known as PFI Hong Kong. Candice has been with the organization for more than 14 years where she grew herself to be an all-rounded Manager. Her insistence, commitment and passion on product quality and footwear together with her visionary and energetic qualities, have spurred PFI Fareast to become a learning, service, and quality focused organization.

Under the leadership of Candice, PFI Fareast is not only position to be a service provider for inspection, audit, and testing services. It is however her vision to leverage the technical and know how advantages of PFI Germany coupled with the efficiency and proximity advantages of PFI Fareast, to better serve the compliance needs of the global supply chain. Candice does not only see PFI Fareast the gateway to connect the Asian suppliers to European and North America markets, but also the platform to support overseas companies and brands over the compliance challenges that they may encounter along their expansion pathway to the Asian market particularly the massive China market.

Prior to her career in PFI, Candice was based in Mainland China and worked in various positions in the footwear industry including the roles in production, sourcing, product design and development. Candice has a Master Degree in Digital Leadership.

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