Promotion during a pandemic

Since 2020, our business as usual has shifted dramatically. Business relationships once forged with an in-person meeting, a shake of the hand, have been replaced with digital exchanges and video conferences.

As the pandemic began and took hold, PFI’s marketing team became an indispensable way to translate PFI’s strategies and values externally. In the past year PFI’s marketing team have launched numerous campaigns to communicate and connect externally with our colleagues, business partners and beyond.  

1. Our virtual events have enabled us to communicate important industry updates to business partner and collaborate on solutions to new challenges. PFI Fareast has co-organised two events in the past year:

Guide to Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz – Building Responsible Global Supply Chains hosted in collaboration with cads. Our team brought together international stakeholders responsible for the implementation of LkSG, with those it will impact to discuss the impacts of the law and opportunities to begin preparing supply chains for the shift in legislation. Prepare your Supply Chain for a new era conference launched PFI Fareast’s new collaboration with Textile Testing International (TTI) a world class, globally recognised and accredited testing facility and inspection body in Pakistan. Offering our clients, a global network of recognised inspection and testing services that combine expertise on international market requirements with local presence not only in both footwear and textile industries.

2. PFI began to share 65 years of technical expertise and internal insights on social media platforms in thought leadership articles authored by PFI experts.

Digitalization spurs supply chain transparency article by PFI’s Associate Director of Sustainability Kelly Cooper shares how supply chain transparency and digitalisation are at the centre of a new model of purchasing in the fashion industry, in response to the ethical requirements of a new generation of consumers. The role of quality assurance in the fashion industry article by textile expert and PFI Project Manager Melanie Fuerch explores how the definition of quality has shifted over time but remains as important now as ever for consumer satisfaction.

3. Our contributions to international days of observation are share far and wide through our social media campaigns.

On World Oceans Day PFI shared the exciting news that we had prevented almost 30 million PET plastic bottles from entering the ocean and had certified 13,974,000 PET bottles into new products through the PFI Recycled Material Certification Blue.

Our Earth Day post shared the work of PFI Fareast in providing sustainable supply chain solutions with over 60 years of experience in the footwear, garment, leather and consumer goods industries.

Waste Water Day communicated PFI Fareast’s commitment to managing global freshwater sources by collaborating with international compliance body ZDHC to ensure wastewater testing in factories is conducted and measured to meet international best practice.

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