PFI’s new ZDHC accreditation helps chemical manufacturers meet strict requirements

As of February 2021, PFI Fareast’s laboratory has been accredited as an “Accepted Conformance Indicator of the Manufactured Restricted Substance List (MRSL 2.0) Level 1” from industry multi-stakeholder initiative, Zero Emission Roadmap for Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

On February 4th, 2021, after demonstrating our laboratory’s capabilities through a series of audits and remote reviews to ZDHC experts, PFI Fareast was officially accredited as an Accepted Conformance Indicator of the Manufactured Restricted Substance List (MRSL) 2.0 Level 1 of ZDHC.

When manufacturing products, instead of trying to remove harmful chemicals that have already been added, it is better to manage the input of chemicals at the source. ZDHC MRSL guides the upstream chemical formula designers of textile, coating fabric and leather industries to avoid harmful chemical substances. PFI Fareast as an Accepted Conformance Indicator assists chemical manufacturers in showing that their products meet MRSL 2.0 requirements.

The information about ZDHC compliant chemicals will be shared with manufacturers and buyers around the world through the ZDHC Chemical Gateway, which reduces testing duplications and market costs; simplifies the process of chemical purchasing as well as improving corporates credibility and business opportunities. PFI Fareast will help companies to upload qualified test reports and data to ZDHC’s Chemical Gateway and companies will receive a ZDHC Chemcheck report and certificate as proof of compliance.

As a ZDHC approved wastewater testing laboratory, PFI Fareast not only support clients in controlling chemicals that are brought into the supply chain, but also during chemical output, by performing wastewater and sludge-related testing.

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