Our forward-looking year of 2022 paving your way into a challenging time

Here’s to 2022!

As 2022 comes to a close, let us break down the highlights of what we have achieved with
you in PFI Fareast.

Dear PFI community,

While 2023 is drawing close, let me, first and foremost, share with you some great news, which is especially great for the world we are living in. Over the last 12 months, our Recycled Material certification Blue program has verified and traced over 16 millions recycled PET bottles and kept them away from polluting our oceans. Combining with our effort in 2021, It is a whopping 30 millions !

The entire world is still reeling from the aftermath of COVID pandemic and the quest for health, safety and quality reigns supreme. It is more important than ever for us to take care and safeguard ourselves and the environment. Trend reports have unanimously and consistently shown that our consumers nowadays demand more transparency and sustainability commitments from brands and retailers in the fashion industry.

Over last year, in the face of uncertainty and difficulty seen around the world, my team has made timely response to market demand with new service solution, be it for regulatory compliance or environmental commitment. Rest assured that we are strongly and competently committed to allocating better resources to empower you, as our valued client and part of the wider community, with more technical know-how and customized solutions. It is our priority as always to help you navigate this increasingly-regulated, consumerdriven market even more effectively and resiliently, so you could uncover the business opportunities ahead of others.

Our Service Development

This year we have geared up our effort in meeting market and client demands, with significant focus on EU’s latest safety footwear regulation, our Vegan Product Verification Program, new ZDHC guidelines. We see footwear market continues to be the mainstay of our clients’businesses, who share common concerns over the scope of this new safety footwear regulation, the pitfalls in chemical compliance and the technical know-how in improving certain aspect of product quality.

Our engagement with clients and partners

We have continued to value the opportunities in communicating and sharing with our clients and partners, with our aim to grasp a better understanding of their service expectation and empowering them with our technical expertise in a more engaging way.

Event Highlight: Best practices and solutions to achieving ZDHC compliance for factories
PFI Open Day showcases latest test trends in fashion industry
PFI Fareast delivered a speech on “The Road to Tomorrow – the New Plastics Economy” at Taiwan Tsinghua University

Our commitment with the business community

We are committed to helping the business community thrive with sharing of our opinion on pressing issues faced by the fashion world, not least the quest for sustainability.

PFI Fareast delivered a speech on “The Road to Tomorrow – the New Plastics Economy” at Taiwan Tsinghua University
From fashion conscious to fashion conscience – third party quality management and certification are the supporters
PFI Fareast gave a keynote talk on Sustainability Manager Seminar

That’s a wrap for 2022.
Thank you for being a part of the PFI community.

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