Meet the PFI Fareast Sustainability Team

The PFI Fareast Sustainability Team helps brands and suppliers to establish sustainable fashion supply chains. Read the full article to learn more about the team and their achievements prior to and during the pandemic.

PFI’s Sustainability Team utilises all services offered at PFI Fareast (Hong Kong) to support brands and suppliers to establish sustainable fashion supply chains. Our services are inherently sustainable, aiming to improve workers’ rights and environmental compliance within global supply chains, as well as product quality and safety for end consumers.

The Sustainability Team seeks to extend the services offered by PFI by merging services into innovative sustainability projects, such as the Recycled Material Certification (RMC), which includes auditing, testing, inspection and sustainability consultancy for products that contain recycled materials. The RMC 2.0 is launching this month (see article), has expanded the requirements for the recycled content and is subsequently able to certify a broader product range for our customers.

Our certifications are our biggest success, because we also work closely with all suppliers who are involved in the supply chain from raw material to final product shipment. Along with advanced digital technologies and data management tools, such as Topo, with these certifications we help to enhance the transparency of supply chains and draw a picture for brands about previously unknown areas of their supply chains.

The Sustainability Team has also engaged with multinational corporations from Europe to develop tailor-made projects. Read more about the successful stories and projects conducted by our Sustainability Team here.


Meet the leader behind the scenes, Kelly Cooper, the Associate Director of Sustainability.

Kelly manages the sustainability department at PFI Fareast. Her role includes advising and developing sustainability strategies, most recently working with European fashion brands on integrating post-consumer materials into new products, creating circular supply chain processes. She also conducts research in the area of legislative requirements for emerging sustainable materials. She is experienced in leading interactive workshops, facilitating panel discussions, and overseeing event logistics and execution.

She has a wealth of experience in using sustainability reporting platforms, like the Global Reporting Index, and has worked on past reporting projects with clients including NWS Holdings, Wheelock Properties, Oxfam and PCCW.  Her most recent work with WWF, Lidl and an array of German footwear suppliers is focused on developing sustainability in FMCG supply chains.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainable Development from Middlesex University in London. She has an active interest in supply chain transparency, especially within the fashion industry – keen to develop bespoke strategies for clients looking to pave the way for a new norm in textiles and footwear.

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