PFI’s international conference, your guide to the German supply chain law

The international Lieferkettengesetz conference “Guide to Lieferkettengesetz – Building Responsible Global Supply Chains” will take place on Wednesday 14th April, co-hosted by PFI Fareast and cads in English.

The German supply chain law, Lieferkettengesetz will compel large German corporations to uphold human rights and environmental protections in their business activities and global supply chain processes. Thereby, businesses are legally accountable for social as well as environmental issues in their supply chains.

PFI Fareast and cads are co-organising a conference for English speaking attendees on the “Lieferkettengesetz” (LKG), which is to he held remotely. The conference will provide primary information on and the status of the expected German supply chain law from government officials, showcase presentations and panel discussions from impacted groups including international brands and traders, and will focus around a step-by-step model to which the German government suggests to implement in order to successfully abide by the requirements of the new law.

Stay tuned for further event details.

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