PFI Test Mark “100% vegan” successfully communicate the advantages of your products

In a competitive market it is often not enough to only rely on the very good quality of your own products.

Materials and process materials of various origins are used for the production of shoes, clothing, accessories, sport/leisure articles and vehicle interiors. The consumer generally perceives leather, fur and wool as ‘natural’ materials. But even if these are natural materials, they are of animal origin. Nowadays, the issue of sustainability plays a major role and many consumers are returning to an animal-free (=vegan) and animal-friendly lifestyle.

With the “100% Vegan” certification mark, we offer product certification that helps consumers to identify the origin of the materials used for the product and thus make purchasing decisions easier. Transparency, traceability and further information are available online for customers and consumers. “100% Vegan” certification mark is intended to help consumers to make a decision. It shows that as a manufacturer or retailer you take the vegan lifestyle serious and support it. It is nothing more than a sign of confidence in the quality of your company’s excellent products.

Definition 100% Vegan:

“100% Vegan” in the sense of our test mark are articles, for whose manufacturing the use of animal materials and products was renounced. It must also be ensured that the auxiliary materials used, such as adhesives, paints, varnishes, etc., do not contain any components of animal origin.

Requirements for Production:

For the production of articles, materials, process materials, etc.

  • no leather, leather fibres, furs, down or feathers may be used
  • must be completely free of animal fibres such as wool, cashmere, angora, mohair, silk
  • decorations made of horn, mother-of-pearl, teeth, animal hair, mussel shells, fish scales (e.g. for accessories) are not permitted
  • adhesives, paints, varnishes or other preparations used must be free from animal constituents such as animal fat, gelatine, protein, casein, bone meal or keratin.

Certification procedure “100% Vegan”:

  1. The company submits an application to the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. for the “100% Vegan” test mark
  2. The scope of the products to be submitted for visual inspection is determined on the basis of the information provided in the application.
  3. The safety data sheets supplied are checked by the PFI.
  4. After visual inspection of the products and control of the safety data sheets, the scope of testing is determined.
  5. If the product passes all tests, the award of the test mark can be initiated. In addition, the manufacturer confirms in a declaration of conformity that all materials used are vegan and that nothing will be changed in the product.
  6. The PFI certification body receives all test reports and the declaration of conformity. If all documents fulfill the certification basis, the test mark “100% Vegan” can be awarded.

It must also be ensured that the goods bearing the PFI test mark meet all relevant legal requirements. The PFI test mark does not replace any marking that should have been applied to the product in accordance with legal or other requirements. The certificate is valid for the defined number of pieces of the order quantity or a defined period of time. If monitoring shows that the requirements for a product are not met, the entitlement to use the test mark expires.

In a competitive market it is often not enough to only rely on the very good quality of your own products. In order to successfully communicate the advantages of your products, our test mark is perfectly suited. More information, please feel free to contact our experts!

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