PFI unveils the most comprehensive package of Functional Testing Services for Footwear

Functional shoes refer to shoes that not only fulfill basic daily wearing functions but also possess specific functionalities.

Functional shoes refer to shoes that not only fulfill basic daily wearing functions but also possess specific functionalities. These shoes are designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind, based on actual usage scenarios or needs. In recent years, the demand for functional shoes has continued to increase, and the market for such shoes has reached a scale of hundreds of billions of yuan.

The main reason for this is a shift in people’s consumption concept regarding footwear. Firstly, with improving economic levels and increased focus on health, environmental protection, and personalization, people have become more concerned about the professionalism and functionality of shoes. Secondly, with advancements in science and technology, new materials with higher technological content have been incorporated into shoes, greatly enhancing comfort and safety. Additionally, as the market emphasizes the importance of functional shoes, companies have increased investment and research and development efforts, leading to the continuous expansion of new areas and functionalities for functional shoes.

Categories of Functional Shoes

Based on the main functions and structural characteristics of shoes, functional shoes can be broadly classified into the following categories:

  1. Professional Sports Functional Shoes: Examples include track and field shoes, ice skates, and various types of athletic footwear designed for professional sports with higher requirements for design, construction, materials, and craftsmanship.
  1. Daily Casual and Practical Functional Shoes: Examples include travel shoes, hiking shoes, beach sandals, height-increasing shoes, and light-up shoes meant for everyday wear and non-professional sports activities, requiring stability, comfort, breathability, and slip resistance.
  1. Health Care Functional Shoes: Examples include diabetic footwear and corrective shoes that provide partial protection and support for the wearer’s physical health.
  1. Occupational Safety Functional Shoes: Examples include safety shoes and occupational footwear for protection that are intended for ordinary workers under different working conditions, safeguarding them from accidental injuries. Common functionalities include impact resistance, puncture resistance, and anti-static properties.
  1. Specialized Functional Shoes: Examples include firefighting boots, electrical insulation shoes, chainsaw-resistant shoes, and chemical-resistant shoes designed for specific conditions and have extremely high requirements for certain functionalities.
Services Provided by PFI

PFI Fareast Laboratory offers testing services for the following functional aspects:


Perforation resistance of insert


Static electrical properties


Insulating electrical properties


Resistance to inimical environments – Heat insulation of outsole complex


Resistance to inimical environments – Cold insulation of outsole complex


Thermal insulation


Energy absorption of seat region


Impact shock attenuating property


Water resistance of whole footwear


Metatarsal protection


Ankle protection


Cut resistance


Scuff cap abrasion


Slip resistance of whole footwear


Water penetration and absorption


Resistance to hot contact of outsole


Resistance to fuel oil of outsole


Wind resistance


Water vapour permeability


Washability of whole footwear


Reflective detail

For more information on the functionality of shoes, feel free to engage with our team of experts at any time!

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