Chemical & Environmental Audit in Shoe Factories

PFI conducted Chemical & Environmental audits in shoe factories for a German discounter to reduce the factories’ environmental impact.

What We Did:


PFI provides a Pre-Audit Training to factories joining the audit. This training prepares the factories for the audit by providing insight into the audit process, audit requirements, and knowledge on the topics covered by the audit.


PFI conducts On-Site audits to assess the factory’s performance. This specific audit covers topics of supply chain management, chemical management, safety as well as environmental management. PFI compiles an audit report and outlines corrective actions. Depending on the factory’s performance, a certificate is being issued.

On-site Consultancy

To assist factories in the implementation of corrective action, PFI offers its technical expertise. The consultancy package is unique for every factory to address and overcome their challenges. The service covers root-cause analysis, process control as well as advice on technical production set-up and emission control.

Follow-up on Corrective Action Plan

To ensure the factory’s improvement, PFI follows up on the Corrective Action Plan with the previously audited factories. This ensure factories are implementing the improvement measures and improving their performance. Re-Audits are conducted on an annual basis.

Project Achievements

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China, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines

Services provided:

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