PFI Fareast欢迎Melanie Fuerch成为新的PFI可持续发展项目经理

全球可持续供应链解决方案领导者PFI Fareast的可持续发展团队迎来了一名新成员。

PFI Fareast is excited to welcome Melanie Fuerch onto our growing team, as Sustainability Project Manager. She is joining our sustainability team and supporting Associate Director Kelly Cooper from PFI’s office in Hong Kong. Melanie will be responsible for project implementation and supporting research and development within PFI’s sustainability department. 

Melanie has a background in trade economics and sustainability within the fashion industry, having graduated from Germany’s pioneer of sustainable fashion, Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH. She joins PFI after three years as a Product Manager, where she focused on product and material development, management of product certifications, supply chain tracking and product sustainability standards.

Quote from Melanie:

I feel very honoured to join the team of PFI Fareastto support sustainable development of the textile industry. I think it is important to never stop improving ourselves and to work directly on the ground with manufacturers.

European textile companies have most of their production done in Asia. Hong Kong is a global hub. And PFI Fareast has 65 years of experience in the industry, so I will learn a lot! I am looking forward to supporting PFI’s sustainability projects and bringing innovative ideas to realization.”