PFI Fareast于sustainability manager seminars上发表主题演讲

PFI Fareast创建的可再生材料认证(RMC 2.0)为企业提供了一个有效且独特的解决方案。

In June 2022, the compliance manager of PFI Fareast gave lectures on the topic of “RMC certification and sustainability” at the invitation of Sustainability Manager Seminars held by PFI Germany.

The speech referred to worldwide legislative changes and consumer pressure regarding sustainability. As is well-known, Plastics pollution is a big problem. Plastic-free is not the future, at least in the short and middle term. To be sustainable, we need to establish a new plastic economy, by plastic sorting and recycling, reduce Leakage through better management, and innovation on the product side. Recycled Material Certification 2.0 created by PFI is a useful and unique solution for companies.

RMC is designed to help brands and retailers achieve and communicate their sustainability goals. The certification also traces the supply chain of post-consumer PET bottles, as well as verifying that facilities involved in the manufacturing of certified products comply with social and environmental standards.

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