PFI 扩展RMC认证范围,以惠及更多产品类型

PFI很荣幸的宣布PFI可再生材料认证 (RMC) 的新升级。RMC 2.0降低了对可再生材料的要求,方便品牌认证更广泛的产品类型。

The newly released RMC 2.0 Standard changed the requirements for obtaining an RMC certification. The recycled content requirements for products has been reduced to 5% from >50% to ensure that as the RMC expands, it can be more inclusive of a variety of products and incorporate more materials outside of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The RMC 2.0 certification comprises three parts;

  1. It ensures that part of the product, in surface area or weight, is made from recycled material. The minimum acceptable amount of recycled material is 5% of the overall finished product.
  2. A full RMC certification guarantees that the recycled content of the product is >50% recycled PET. Where the recycled material content is between 5 – 50%, an RMC Mixed certification is awarded.
  3. It verifies that facilities involved in the manufacturing of certified products comply with social and environmental standards.

To download the new PFI RMC 2.0 standard here.