RMC 2.0让全球范围的再生产品受益

PFI可再生材料认证(RMC)2.0的全新升级,提高了产品范围更复杂的品牌(例如鞋类)對RMC的可及性,使其更容易获得认证。RMC 2.0为范围更广的原材料提供了认证,也提供更精简的可追溯性流程。


30th June 2021

The requirements for obtaining an RMC certification have been reduced under the newly released version, to 5% from >50%. Meaning that products with as little as 5% of recycled content in an overall product are now eligible to be certified under RMC and RMC Blue.

PFI is also investing in the support of technology to streamline the traceability process for the RMC. The investments are set to make the transfer of sensitive transaction data more secure, while also reducing the administrative burden to factories. A new search page for licensed RMC suppliers is also live on PFI’s website, to facilitate brands who wish to identify suppliers and manufacturers who are already certified and familiar with the RMC process.

PFI’s Associate Director of Sustainability, Kelly Cooper said the updates to the certification would ensure that as the RMC expands, it can be inclusive of a wider variety of products and incorporate more materials outside of PET.

“We are excited to offer our customers this update in response to requests for various products to be certified that we were previously unable to satisfy. Certain products cannot be produced with high quantities of recycled material due to quality and occasionally safety concerns. Our customers who upcycle plastic in their products where possible for them are now able to certify their effort under the RMC,” Kelly said. 

You can read more about the RMC certification or apply via https://pfi.hk/footwear-and-leather-testing-services/recycled-material-certification-blue/ and https://pfi.hk/rmc-application-form/


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