PFI Fareast准备在市场上推出一项新的验货服务

PFI Fareast预备推出在线验货服务。

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, PFI Fareast is pleased to announce that we are developing a new “online inspection” service.

Technical Director of PFI Fareast’s Shoe Tech Department, Frank Liesenhoff highlights the importance of this being the right timing for the development the online inspection: “Countries have been going into lockdowns these days, while we are all facing worldwide travel restrictions and entry requirements, making face-to-face inspection difficult to conduct.  Moreover, the health of our clients, staff and all third parties are of our utmost importance.”

To ensure smooth cooperation with our clients and to protect the health of all parties involved, PFI Fareast is currently preparing to launch the online inspection service. The offering will focus on footwear and is planned to be extended to other products like garments.

For more information, please contact Frank Liesenhoff, Technical Director of Shoe Tech Department via email