Improve your manufacturing processes and product quality

Our management consulting services help you to increase your performance

Our expertise provides you with technical solutions for the challenges that you are facing. By analysing processes and product quality, we develop improvement plans and create technical innovations. Our renown technicians, chemists and engineers can assist you wherever, and whenever, you need us.
Find technical solutions
Increase productivity
Drive continuous improvement
Enhance product quality and supply chain efficiency

We are your unparalleled expert in the footwear technology industry

With over 60 years of experience, PFI is your unparalleled expert in the footwear industry. Our consulting services include a wide range of topics related to manufacturing techniques, production flow, process improvements, quality and workmanship.

Over the last decades, we have been the leading consultant in the set-up of test laboratories and shoe factories. We’re also playing a key collaborative role in the creation and construction of institutes and training centres.


Our environmental and chemical expertise makes your supply chain greener

Our environmental and chemical experts are committed to sustainability. Our consulting team consists of professionals in the technical, environmental and health and safety field.

They assist you in finding the root cause of non-compliances and guide you on sustainability topics, including the replacement of hazardous chemicals, the reduction of air emissions, correct waste management and workplace safety measurements.

The International Shoe Competence Department

As PFI’s training and research center we are your partner for training, product and process optimisation. Together, PFI and ISC offer not only professional training but also R&D and consulting.

We create customised training and on-site consultancy focusing on the technical aspects of industrial shoe production and aiming to increase quality, efficiency, and product competence for manufacturers, customers and sales staff. We work on a global scale and our trainers travel wherever is needed.

Manufacturing training programs

Our sustainability consulting services include

Chemical Management

We provide solutions to eliminate hazardous substances from your supply chain.

Environmental Management

We test your water and air emissions and find solutions to realize greener processes.

Health & Safety

We assess and enhance the safety of your workers

Supply Chain Management

We provide solutions to make your supply chain more transparent.

Our technical expertise services include:

Quality and Workmanship

We offer on-site consulting in the production floor to find solutions for quality defects through root-cause analysis.

Process Improvement & Productivity

We analyse production processes and identify opportunities for time, cost and resource savings.

Footwear Technology and Innovation

We apply our technical expertise to assist you in any challenges during manufacturing.

Factory and laboratory set-up

We plan and assist in the set-up of new factories or laboratories.

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