Dr. Gerhard Nickolaus

Director of PFI Hong Kong Ltd and PFI Fareast Ltd. Dr. Nickolaus holds a Doctor in Chemistry from Germany and has more than 40 years’ experience in production facilities across Asia. His expertise covers chemical management, identification of hazards and implementation of solutions at management and factory level. He also possesses the highest expertise on physical and chemical testing procedures.

For many years, Dr. Nickolaus was Director of PFI Germany. Now Director of PFI Hong Kong Ltd. and PFI Fareast Ltd., he founded the International Shoe Competence Center in Pirmasens (ISC) and Asia and has established testing, training and education centres in Asia. With four decades of experience in analytical testing and quality inspections of footwear, he has exceptional expertise in footwear, leather and synthetic technology and workmanship. He is a consultant for technical optimisation of production processes in factories, to achieve  efficiency and the highest quality production.

Dr. Gerhard Nickolaus is a former lecturer in leather and shoe technology at the Kaiserslautern University. For many years, he has acted as Chairman of German, European and international standardisation commissions such as ISO and EN.

Mrs. Candice Wang

Candice has 17 years of experience in the footwear industry. She has led PFI Hong Kong operations for 14 years as the key intermediary between PFI Germany and Asia. Responsible for the development of the company in the Asia market, Candice manages high-profile clients spanning both Europe and Asia. Her career is founded in quality, testing and inspections in the footwear industry. She has expert knowledge of product inspection, factory audit and consultancy services. 

Prior to joining PFI Hong Kong, Candice worked in aspects of the supply chain from development, orders, production and focused on quality improvement for international footwear clients. She also worked along the production line with range builders, designers, material sourcing and prototypes makers. While also providing end to end quality assurance along the supply chain.  

Candice has an Executive Master’s Degree in Digital Leadership from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with a focus on the application of digitalisation in business and management. She is an experienced auditor and has delivered key note sessions at numerous high-level international conferences.