PFI has certified 16M plastic bottles in 2022


Marine plastic pollution has reached a catastrophic level. To make matters worse, the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in demand for single-use plastic products, thus exacerbating the global plastic waste problem, which is already out of control.

Protecting the Marine environment and stopping the flow of plastic into the oceans and water systems has always been a common goal of mankind, and PFI has been acting on this.

PFI’s Recycled Materials Certification (RMC blue & RMC blue mixed) verify the content of recycled PET bottles from coastal regions in your product, such as vamp materials or textiles, through a traceable documentation system, providing technical support for socially and environmentally friendly production.

Over the past year, PFI has successfully prevented more than 16 million PET plastic bottles from entering the ocean through its RMC blue and RMC blue mixed product certification services.

Save our precious environment? Act now and talk to PFI’s experts!

ECO Label & RMC – meeting the demand for practical sustainability certification

RMC 2.0 to benefit a wider range of recycled products

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