PFI Group appoints Mrs. Candice Wang as new Managing Director for PFI Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Michael Tackenberg, the chairman of PFI Group, is proud to announce Mrs. Candice Wang (Hui Ching Wang) as a Managing Director for PFI Hong Kong starts from 01 October 2018 with board decision made on 25 May 2018 in Germany. She is one of the 2-person management board and will manage PFI Hong Kong together with Dr. Gerhard Nickolaus who will resign from the management board in 2019.

Candice plays a key role in assisting Dr. Gerhard Nickolaus since joined PFI Hong Kong in 2007 with marketing and business development in relative industries.

She has an extensive background in the footwear industry. She is best known for her ability to lead change and transform businesses for increased productivity and profitability. She served before in footwear brands and operations excellence with responsibilities for US, Asia, and Europe facilities.

Candice Wang, who is graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with an Executive Master declared:

“I am really proud to have the opportunity to continue the job done and I will focus now on developing the service provided to our customers maintaining a high level of quality and integrity, which is the main issue in our business.”

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