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Our accredited product certification services show your commitment to high quality standards

As an accredited test and certification body, we perform product certification services in compliance with statutory regulations and provisions. We have also developed our own PFI test marks that help to successfully communicate your competitive advantage to your customers.

Verify the quality of your products
Obtain recognized quality certification
Improve your customers’ trust
Increase your competitive advantage

We certify the safety and quality of your products

After testing in our laboratories, we certify the safety and quality of your products to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

Quality certifications allow you to stay ahead of your competitors, show your commitment to high quality standards and your achievements. They also certify that you are a diligent manufacturer, trader or retailer, and that your products meet legal requirements.

Quality assurance certification manufacturing

Our approved quality certificates for international markets

We analyse properties of materials and products according to valid European and international standards.

Additionally, we issue PFI product certification marks, recognizing international benchmarks.

We have developed our own “Inspected Footwear” label specifically for the footwear industry, which tests harmful substances, wear, quality of workmanship, and fit. This label is a valuable orientational aid for the consumer. And a powerful selling point for the manufacturer.

PFI’s Recycled Material Certification offers a solution to brands who want to verify the content of recycled material in their products.

We trace the recycled content of your products, from source to finished product. We further assess the supply chain to support a social and environmentally-friendly production.

Our product certification mark, stands for supply chain transparency, compliance and quality.

We provide the following product certifications:

We certify


Automotive & interior







Safety equpment

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