Recycled Material Certification (RMC)

Certification Number: RMC-56-20097
Certification Type: RMC Blue (Mixed)

Our RMC/RMC (Mixed) ensures that at least 5% of the material content in the product has been derived from recycled materials, while RMC Blue/RMC Blue (Mixed) denotes that at least 25% of the recycled materials has been retrieved from coastal areas.

Product sample pertaining to this certification:

  • Product component from recycled material: main fabric
  • RMC composition: 24%
  • Recycled polyester yarn contains 100% recycled material, with certified minimum 25% coastal plastic bottles
  • The supply chain from collection of raw material to final product can be traceable
  • Social and environment factors have been assessed from collection centres to assembly factory

Supporting information (provided by client):

  • Product name: Women Sport Sneaker Socks
  • Product code: 443163
  • Style: Pack B

The certification is solely pertinent to the assessment and examination of the physical sample of each product and style submitted by the client with respect to the agreed order. The certification mark and its exclusive certification number are only valid and applicable to such order number and the product quantity specified in the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by PFI.