Amy Lv

Ms Amy Lv, a graduate in Applied Chemistry, has more than 15 years of work experience in the field of footwear, leather and textile testing. She has competent and thorough knowledge in chemical test standards and regulatory requirements for footwear and apparel products, such as REACH, POP, CPSIA, ZDHC. She is widely acknowledged for her […]

Terence Zhao

Mr Terence Zhao, a graduate in Textile Engineering, is currently our Manager of Physical Testing with our laboratory in Quanzhou.  As a qualified engineer, he is also a committee member in various standards’ work groups. Prior to joining PFI, Mr Zhao had years of experience with well-established multinational third-party organisations, with strong expertise in physical […]

Frank Liesenhoff

As the Director of Business Development, Mr. Frank Liesenhoff applies his shoe tech know-how and experience to support the team in handling shoemaking related projects. He supports PFI’s fast growth with his professional knowledge from the shoe technology standpoint. Having entered the shoe industry for four decades, Mr. Liesenhoff is exceptionally experienced. Not only has […]

Dr. Tommy Ou

General Manager of Quanzhou Laboratory, Dr. Tommy Ou holds a Doctor in Physical Chemistry from the Xiamen University in China with a specialization in new materials like nanomaterial and their applications in the environment. He has 14 years of experience in the testing and quality assurance industry. He also has profound knowledge of laboratory management, […]

Dr. Frank Wen

Dr. Frank Wen holds a Doctor in Marine Chemistry from Xiamen University. He has 14 years of solid work experience in the testing of footwear, textile, environment, and other fields. Currently as the Technical Director of Chemical and Physical Department, he is mainly responsible for managing PFI’s chemical and physical testing team and its system […]